The 10 Best Moments from Doctor Who

The 10 Best Moments from Doctor Who

February 15, 2019

By Amy Skorheim

Right now we’re asking fans to choose which moment from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets they’d most like to hang on their wall, and we thought this was a good time to take a look back at your picks from our last competition — the best moments from Doctor Who.

It was a big undertaking, asking you guys to consider 50 plus years, 13 Doctors, and over 800 episodes of time-travelling, companion-collecting, Dalek-thwarting, Universe-saving adventure. In all, hundreds of you voted, from both sides of the Atlantic, and your picks were fantastic. Many of them made it into our collection of limited-edition fine art prints.

Here they are, the top ten moments from Doctor Who, as chosen by true fans:

10  The Fourth Doctor Regenerates

Season 18, 7th Serial: “Logopolis”

Tom Baker still holds the record for longest run as the Doctor, so his send off needed to be a good one. After saving the Universe from collapse, and another of the Master’s schemes, the Fourth Doctor falls from a radio telescope. It’s his end. But the moment had been prepared for, and regeneration brought us the Fifth Doctor.

9  The Cybermen Descend the Steps of St. Paul's

Season 6, 3rd Serial: “The Invasion”

Doctor Who Rise of the Cybermen - St Pauls Cathedral

Invading Cybermen bent on converting humans into hollow cyborgs, plus the steps of an iconic London landmark, equals legendary Doctor Who. It was an unforgettable vision back in 1968 — one that would be echoed 46 years later in Series 8.

8  Rose Absorbs the Time Vortex

Series 1, Episode 13: “The Parting of the Ways”

He sent her home to keep her safe from the Daleks — but the Doctor should have known Rose isn’t the type to sit one out. After looking into the heart of the TARDIS, she returns to the Doctor, destroys the Dalek Imperial Fleet, and revives a previously exterminated Jack Harkness. Not five minutes later, we witness the end of the Eccleston era and get our first glimpse of David Tennant's Doctor the Tenth. New teeth and all. 

7  The Stonehenge Speech    

Series 5, Episode 12: “Pandorica Opens”

Doctor Who Pandorica Opens - The Stonehenge Speech

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor climbs atop a Stonehenge pillar and addresses the largest gathering of his enemies to date. Fleets of Daleks, Cybermen, Slitheen, Draconians and more fly above him as the Pandorica prison begins to open.

He tells them to shut up. He tells them HE is what stands between them and the Pandorica. He reminds them of every black day he stopped them in the past. Then he suggests if they want to take the Pandorica tonight, they do the smart thing and let someone else try first... The sky clears. For at least an hour or so.

6  The Doctor Says Goodbye to Donna

Series 4, Episode 13: “Journey’s End”

For a character initially meant to be a one-off companion, it was surprisingly hard to watch Donna go. Gaining Time Lord abilities let her disarm a Dalek bomb that would have destroyed reality itself — but Time Lord mentality threatened to burn up her mind. To save her, David Tennant's Doctor must wipe every memory of their time together and send her back home.

5   Breaking Through the Wall of Azbantium

Series 9, Episode 11: “Heaven Sent”

Doctor Wo Heaven Sent - The Wall of Azbantium

It’s officially the longest moment on our list. Or any list. The Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, finds himself in a puzzle-box prison made just for him. In a nearly endless repeating cycle the Doctor sets to the four-billion-year task of punching through a 20-foot wall of Azbantium — a material 400 times stronger than diamonds.

4  “Do I Have The Right?”

Season 12, 4th Serial: “Genesis of the Daleks”

Doctor Who Genesis of the Daleks - Do I Have The Right

The ever-excellent Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor grapples with the morality of completely eradicating an entire race — even though that race happens to be the massively destructive Daleks.

3  Van Gogh Sees His Significance

Series 5, Episode 10: “Vincent and the Doctor”

The fact that Van Gogh died never knowing the influence of his work is a tragedy that’s satisfyingly righted by Amy and the Doctor. While on the hunt for an alien figure in one of Van Gogh’s paintings, the travelers are able to give a deeply troubled painter the solace of knowing that one day, his works would be among the most important. 

2  50th Anniversary Special

Series Special: “The Day of the Doctor”

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Maybe it’s cheating to put an entire episode on a list of moments, but you guys nominated so many scenes from Day of the Doctor that it was impossible to pick just one. There’s the appearance of The Moment/Bad Wolf/Rose, the two Doctors comparing sonic screwdrivers, the marriage of Elizabeth I, glimpsing the next Doctor, and meeting the Curator, just to name a few. An episode so gratifying to every Who fan was a fitting tribute to a show that’s been around for half a century.

1  The Doctor Says Goodbye to Rose

Series 2, Episode 13: “Doomsday” 

Doctor Who Doomsday - The Doctor Says Goodbye to Rose at Bad Wolf Bay

Your all-time favorite Doctor Who moment is heartbreaking and sad, and marks the end of two seasons of Rose as a companion. When Rose is brought to a parallel universe to avoid being sucked into the Void, she doesn’t get a proper goodbye with the Doctor. David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor uses up the energy of an entire sun to transmit a projection of himself to Rose in Norway’s Bad Wolf Bay. And while they get to say goodbye, some things are left unsaid.


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