What size artworks do you sell?

Our framed prints come in different sizes that are determined by the shape and quality of the original photograph.

Measurements are taken from the inside edge of the frame. Because each frame is hand-cut, the exact size can vary slightly.

The image size itself will vary depending on the original photograph. Our framing experts fit the image and mat within the various frame sizes according to aspect ratio of the original photograph or negative.

Do you sell prints unframed?

No. All Classic Stills prints are sold hand-framed, fully assembled and ready to hang. This ensures the prints are well-protected by high-quality archival materials, helping to keep them preserved over time.  

What types of materials do you use?

We only use archival-quality gallery standard materials:

  • Our hand-cut frames are solid wood with acid-free black stain
  • We use acid-free hinging and a preservation-grade, pH-neutral white mat
  • Our images are protected by frame-grade acrylic with UV filtering to prevent fading from sunlight
  • The frame backing is fully sealed to protect the image from dust and condensation, and is fitted with a hanging fixture
  • Our materials all come from within the US, and we ensure our suppliers are focused on conserving natural resources and preventing pollution

Do you sell different types of frame?

Our prints are sold with a gallery-standard solid-wood black frame. Offering one type of frame helps us keep prices well-below those found in traditional galleries. If you would like to use a different frame, we use preservation-grade materials and techniques that ensure our prints can be removed and reframed without deterioration or damage.

How are the images printed?

We only use C-Prints (sometimes referred to as Chromogenic or C-Type prints). A C-print is a photo lab print produced on light-sensitive color paper and processed in wet chemistry.

What is a limited-edition print?

A limited-edition print is an image that is being reproduced no more than a specific number of times in one medium. They are usually numbered on the mat, or on the front or back of the image.

Classic Stills' prints are numbered on the front of the image in the white space between the image and the mat. This allows the image to be re-framed in the future while still displaying the edition number. 

Our artworks also come with a unique Certificate of Authenticity to verify they are genuine limited-edition prints.

How does limited-edition numbering work?

In the art world, limited editions are often made up of a number of different sizes, with buyers unaware of how many prints exist in any one size.

Classic Stills' standard “editions” range from 100-495, with 5-150 prints available in any one size. We number our images based on the quantity of images available in that size. So if your print displays the number 24/100, it was the 24th print sold out of the 100 available in that size.

Restricting our editions in this way means you'll know exactly how many other prints in your size will be sold anywhere in the world, and how many prints of that image will be produced in any size as part of the collection. 

This ensures each Classic Stills artwork is rare and likely to appreciate in value over time. 

Do you offer bespoke sizes?

Bespoke sizes are occasionally available on request, when editions are not already at capacity.  

If you are interested in a bespoke size, please send an email to

Who owns the copyright of the images you sell?

Classic Stills curates collections with copyright holders, including movie and TV studios, brands, image license holders and the owners of photographic archives. The owner of the copyright can be found with the product descriptions on our website and on our Certificates of Authenticity.

How many framed prints can I order?

You can add up to ten artworks to your basket, with a maximum of three copies of any one print. If you would like to order more than this, you can either place multiple orders separately or send an email to A member of our customer service team will be happy to set up an appointment to discuss your order. Classic Stills reserves the right to restrict the number of artworks sold to any customer for any reason. 



How do I contact customer service?

Send an email to or complete the form below. We'll usually get back to you within an hour between 8AM and 6PM PST (US Pacific Time).

If you'd like us to call you, simply leave your number and a time that would be convenient to call you back. We'll be glad to help.

What payments do you accept?

Classic Stills is happy to accept all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and PayPal. 

Will my purchase be taxed?

We currently operate solely in California and Missouri, so US customers outside these states will not have tax automatically added to their purchase.

Orders for customers in Canada will have HST and provincial taxes added at checkout. 

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we offer gift cards for some of our standard-sized prints that include shipping costs, and gift cards for specific $ amounts. Click here to view our selection

How do gift cards work?

When you purchase a gift card, you'll receive a link to a printable version that you can print out and give to the recipient. Alternatively, you can send the recipient a link to their gift card, or save the gift card as a pdf and send it by email.



Which countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to addresses in the United States and Canada, and to some European countries from

Unfortunately, we’re unable to deliver to customers outside North America and Europe at present, but this will change in 2020. 

How much do you charge for shipping and handling?

We currently charge a flat rate of $9.95 for handling, packaging and shipping to any US address.

For shipping to Canada we charge $14.95 (USD) for all orders.

For EU shipping rates, please visit

Can I ship directly to someone else?

Yes. When placing your order you will be given the option to ship to any address that you choose, as long as it’s not a P.O. Box.

How long will it take to receive my artwork?

Orders normally arrive in two weeks, but we'll do everything we can to make sure your artwork is delivered as soon as possible.

Can I get my order any faster?

The printing and framing process takes time as each step is performed individually by a craftsman, which makes it extremely difficult to expedite the production process.

Can I track my shipment?

Yes. You’ll be sent a tracking link when your item ships.

What if my artwork doesn’t arrive?

If your order appears to have gone missing, please use the contact form on our Customer Service page immediately. 



The answers to the following questions can be found in our Returns Policy:  

  • What if I change my mind about an order? 
  • What if I'm not completely satisfied with my artwork? 
  • What if my artwork arrives damaged?

 To view our complete Returns Policy, click here.


For all other inquiries, please complete the following contact form: 

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Size Guide

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